A flickering lamp, a fire bright,
The lights are on again,
Graceful trees tell quiet tales,
And you remember then,

All our dreams head homeward, chere,
Smiles bring other smiles,
Neighbors, friends, and family join,
Together, we survive

CHORUS This is our love, This is our life,
This is our home, Louisiana,
This is our day, come what may,
This is our home

A breaking dawn, a tender morn,
A canvas we design,
The band parades, a jester laughs,
We share momentous time

And all our hopes flow back to you,
The music plays in time,
The river calls in majesty.
Together, we survive


Church bells ring, the children sing,
My sunshine, you are mine,
Hello old friend, I knew you when,
Together, we’ll unwind

May all our prayers be noble now,
May all our work be pure,
May we be thankful once again,
Together, we endure


Words and Music by Jep Epstein

© 2005 Obmug Music