WHODAT ! "Heaven ..." Makes NPR List as New Orleans Saints Prep For Super Bowl


Jep talks to Kaare on 690 AM, WIST Radio

Tune to AM-690 WIST Radio on Friday 10/22/09, just after 4PM CST. I'll be on air with Kaare Johnson, talking about "Heaven's 'Bout To Make The News" ... 

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Encore Gala at Le Petit Theatre

Emmy Award winning, Oscar nominated, and New Orleans' own, Patricia Clarkson will serve as celebrity chair  at Le Petit Theatre's Encore, a  fundraising gala held on June 23, 2007.  Jep will be performing at the event.  Details can be found here at Le Petit's site and at New Orleans City Business.


New Orleans City Business Article: "Why Stay"

Dear Friends,

Last week, New Orleans City Business called for an interview as part of their "Why Stay" series.  The article, from the March 26, 2007 issue, can be found here.  I had actually prepared a short opinion, which I emailed to the author during our phone interview.  Though the quotes in the article were taken from my paragraphs, I'd like to provide my words, in their original context ...


Why Stay?

We have plenty of reasons to leave.

Most of these are not unique, for so many detrimental conditions existed for decades before Katrina:  the poor state of public education, declining industry, economic disparity, institutionalized bigotry, crime, etc.  These are old, unsolved issues.  Katrina, and the subsequent levee failures, had horrific, and painful direct consequences for a great number, but further, she also ripped the massive band-aid from a multi-faceted wound that had festered here for some time.

Now, for several reasons, I try to see the storm in another light. This is an opportunity ... a chance to right many of the longstanding injustices which have harmed our city for so long.  It is true that my parents, my home, and my work are all here, and these are compelling reasons for many of us.  As a composer and songwriter, I must add that I am blessed by the presence of some of the most soulful musicians on the planet.  While few could be regarded as “household names”, I can only say that these gifted individuals, be they natives, or transplants turned residents, soak up the meaning and the heart of our musical roots.  The results of their efforts are audible, and palpable.

Should we collectively choose, by our action or inaction, to simply restore our old ways, we will ultimately fail.  However, if capable, well-intentioned leaders step to the fore, we have a chance to do something special.  We can rebuild a better New Orleans, and further, serve as a model for depressed cities throughout the country.

On that day, we will all, rightly, be genuinely proud of our new legacy, and, for our decision to remain.


Finally, the "Our Home, Louisiana" lyric was misquoted, and should read:
This is our love, this is our life, this is our home, Louisiana ...





You've 'Got To Do The 2'

Do 2wtrclr fm.jpgIn conjunction with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Of Louisiana, and Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Jep has produced a new song to compliment the Louisiana 2 Step Campaign.

The campaign is designed to promote a healthier diet and more active lifestyle, and the commercials are running throughout the state of Louisiana.  The original television spot may be viewed here.  To view the entire tv campaign, please click here.

If you would like to hear the complete song, click here, or download from