• Music Composition and Lyric Writing
    • Original music for picture, radio, or standalone.
    • Lyrics - we can complete your concept, or create from scratch.
  • Music Arranging
    • If you need to use an existing piece of music, we can arrange it to suit your needs.
  • Live Performance
    • Jep is currently available for solo and group engagements.
  • Radio Production
    • We handle casting, recording, and production.  You provide the script, we'll realize your vision.
  • Voice Recording
    • A professional recording space with quality microphones and classic mic pre-amps to capture your voice performance.
  • Sound Design
    • We have a full library of sound effects, and can create whatever aural environment you need.
  • Creative Direction
    • We are happy to participate on the ground floor of your project.  Let us help you to realize your goals.










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